January 11

Friday Folders

Friday Folders are coming home today. They are quite full! As a reminder, your 4th grader has selected 1-2 “artifacts” from their graded work today and has placed them in the left hand pocket. These selected items are coming home for your review, but should be put back in the folder to be returned to school on Monday. The rest of the work should be emptied and left at home.

The “artifact” folder pocket also will have your child’s graded realistic fiction narrative from our first writer’s workshop project. These assignments are lengthy and rather cumbersome. Throughout the writing process, revision was done through literal cutting, stapling, taping, attaching post-its and other standardly unconventional methods. This is the intention of the process, and while it took some getting used to having a “Frankenstein” final product, it really demonstrates what revision entails. Throughout the unit we focused on different aspects that make a quality narrative, including action, dialogue, setting, and conclusion. When it came to grading, each author selected the scenes they believed were the strongest for these different categories. The scenes they self-selected are marked by post-its. Please take some time this weekend to read your child’s story; they were really wonderful and they are all so proud. But as indicated by its placement in the left-hand pocket, make sure it is returned to class so I can include it in their portfolios.

I have attached the Wordly Wise 8 test, which is graded in the Friday Folders below.

Have a great weekend! We survived the first week back!

Wordly Wise 8

January 7

Welcome Back!

Welcome back from winter break! I hope all your families enjoyed the time off from school. We are right back to work in the new year including a Chapter 4 math test coming up on Thursday, and diving into our newest writing workshop project.

I mention writing workshop in particular, as your 4th grader is bringing home an assignment due tomorrow from our session in class today. Most students should be close to done and just need to finish 1-2 items up, but I wanted to clarify directions as this is not a routine assignment. In class, the class began generating ideas for possible essays by thinking of a person, place, and thing that is important to them. For each of these, the students listed 3 “bullet point” ideas about that person/place/thing (along the lines of why is this important to me). At their own pace, each student began to take the “bullets” and think of a story they could tell that supports the specific idea. In their notebooks, they wrote notes down that will help them eventually write these supporting stories if they continue with the essay. For homework all 3 bullet point lists, and one story idea for person, place, and thing need to be finished in their writer’s notebooks. Hopefully this helps alleviate any confusion at home!

Please find a thank-you note from Ms. Aldrin attached here. We are all so touched by your graciousness this holiday.

December 21

Thank You and Happy Everything!

Before jumping into the long awaited winter break, I wanted to send a tremendous THANK YOU not only for the holiday gift, but also for everything that you do. I am truly enamored with this class and feel so lucky work with all your families. Your incredible generosity this holiday is so very appreciated! I hope you find time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and families this break. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Wishing you all the very best.

December 19

Math Projects Due Tomorrow

Just a reminder that all math projects are due tomorrow. Your 4th grader is coming home again tonight with no other assigned homework. I hope the lightened load has helped this week with getting the final steps done. Let me know if there are any issues!

December 18

Unicef Report

Thank you so much to all the families and students who participated in Trick or Treat for Unicef earlier this year. Along with some of the other Options’ classrooms, we were able to donate $830 to the organization. Way to go!

December 13

Holiday Celebration

The 4th grade will be have a Holiday Celebration next Friday, December 21. The party will be from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm.

If you would like to volunteer to help, you must be cleared by the CPS Volunteer Procedure. Please let me know if you need help being directed to this process.

To sign up to attend and help please use the following link: Holiday Celebration Sign-Up

December 10

Next 2 Weeks

There’s a lot going on during these couple weeks before break. In an effort to help your 4th grader work gradually on their math project, I will be limiting nightly homework. We will be working on Wordly Wise in class this week but will not have a test on Friday, nor will any of the exercises need to be completed at home. We discussed how any time that is freed up isn’t intended for extra video games, but rather an intentional giving of time to work on math. The students received and started filling out a “Math Project Crunch Time Planner” graphic organizer today in class to assist in their work. Encourage your child to fill this out with time available and use it over the next week and a half or so.


If your 4th grader will be missing any school for travel or other reasons over these next two weeks, please let me know. The parent committee is trying to gather an accurate count of students who will be here for the Holiday party and it’s helpful for me to make sure anything that needs to gets sent home before break. Thank you for your help!

December 7

MAP Testing Next Week

A letter came home earlier this week regarding the window opening for middle-of-year NWEA MAP testing. We have received our schedule and our class will be testing next Monday 12/10/18, and the following Monday 12/17/18. There is nothing your 4th grader should do to prepare, other than get a good night’s rest and a eat a good breakfast. Results from these sessions will be sent home shortly after testing.