March 12

Math Projects due Monday

As a reminder, all math projects are due next Monday, March 18. Please find an additional copy of the assignment packet attached here. Each assignment in addition to a list of required parts includes a unique rubric. I highly recommend having your 4th grader go through both the assignment sheet and the rubric before they turn in their project. Let me know if there are any questions!


3rd Quarter Math Projects

March 8

Progress Reports, Friday Folders, Project Check-Ins & 3rd Quarter Conferences

Friday Folders are coming home today. Progress reports for 3rd quarter are inside. We are halfway through the 3rd quarter, and there are 5 more weeks for grade adjustments. Please review your 4th grader’s work and progress report, sign the cover sheet of the Friday Folder, and have your child return the folder empty (except for selected artifacts) on Monday. Please find the Wordly Wise test from this week’s Friday Folder below.

Wordly Wise 14

Report card pick-up day (3rd quarter conferences) will be on Wednesday, April 10. These will be student led conferences. Your 4th grader will be preparing a portfolio and a meeting to hold with you and myself on that day. Your child is required to be present at report card pick-up. If this is a problem for your family, I’m happy to schedule your child’s student led conference on a different day.

Quarterly project due dates are coming up. The 3rd quarter math project is due on Monday, March 18. The 3rd quarter (and final) book report is due on Monday, April 8.


Have a great weekend!

March 5

Progress Reports

Quarter 3 progress reports will be coming home at the end of this week. If your 4th grader has any redo or late-slip work to turn in please help them to get this done asap. Progress reports will be printed by the office tomorrow afternoon. I will make sure to grade all redo work before this time, but grades printed on the progress reports will only reflect the updated work if it is turned in by tomorrow.

February 27

Projects in Progress

On Friday, your 4th grader brought home their packet of assignment choices for the 3rd quarter math project. I’ve already had many conversations with students about their ideas, inquiries and even draft work completed for these. Math projects can be turned in at any time but will be due by Monday, March 18. I am suggesting to the class that by this Friday, they know which project they will be working on.

We also have the final book report project due for quarter 3. On the assignment sheet this is indicated as being due on Monday, April 1. Because that math project was assigned slightly later than I originally intended (resulting in the due dates for both of these projects to be closer than intended), I extending the due date for the 3rd quarter book report to Monday, April 8. As always, the book reports can be turned in any time before then.

February 22

Wish List

The Wish List fundraiser is in full swing! Your 4th grader should have given you two green packets over the past couple weeks with information on how to support Bell’s largest fundraiser of the year. The Wish List Party is happening tomorrow! There is still time to buy tickets. If you cannot attend, consider purchasing a “Bronze” teacher sponsor ticket. This will pay for one of Bell’s staff members to attend and enjoy the event. Please follow the link below to donate to the Wish List or purchase your tickets to the party.

Wish List

February 18


Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our field trip to the Shedd Aquarium! Please remember these important notes for the day:

  • All 4th graders should wear their blue tie-dye t-shirts
  • We are responsible for carrying our coats around the aquarium. Please consider sending your child with a lighter jacket/sweatshirt to wear on the trip in addition to any heavier coat they wear to school. This will make it easier for them to take care of their belongings while we’re at the aquarium.
  • We will be eating lunch on our trip. All students must pack a lunch, please make it as disposable as possible (no Tupperware or lunch boxes).

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend! Looking forward to tomorrow!

February 15

Report Cards & Field Trip

Second quarter report cards are coming home in Friday Folders today. My apologies on the delay of sending these. I was out all day at a department meeting on Wednesday, and the whirlwind of Valentine’s Day yesterday lead to a chaotic pack-up time. Report cards do not need to be signed and/or returned, and students should not select them as artifacts for their portfolios.

We will be going on our field trip to the Shedd Aquarium on Tuesday, after the long weekend. Please make sure your child wears their blue tie-dye t-shirt, and pack a (disposable as possible) lunch for that day. Each child will be responsible for carrying their jacket around the aquarium, so please consider sending them with a lighter jacket just for the trip in addition to a larger/warmer coat that can be worn to and from school. I will reach out on Monday as well as a reminder.

Enjoy your long weekend!

February 12

Valentine’s Day

We will be having a very brief Valentine’s Day “celebration” in class on Thursday afternoon. If your 4th grader would like to, they may bring valentines to pass out to their classmates.  It is completely optional, and nobody has to bring in anything. If your child does elect to bring in valentines, however, they must bring in one for each child. We have 30 students in our class. Thank you!