October 16

Tie Dye – 10/25

The 4th grade is currently planning on having our annual “Tie Dye Day” on Friday, October 25. All classes will be tie-dying their Bell Walk shirts to serve as their 4th grade field trip shirt for the rest of the year. I collected all shirts and have them washed and ready for the event. We are looking for volunteers to sign up for the morning of Friday 10/25 to help with the process. Please follow the links below to sign up for the two time slots and for more information. Thank you!

Tie Dye Volunteer Spot 1 – 7:30 am – 8:15 am

Tie Dye Volunteer Spot 2 – 9:15 am – 10:30 am

October 16

The Days Ahead

As you have likely heard by now, classes have been cancelled tomorrow for the CTU Teacher Strike. It is unclear when we will return. We assigned homework as normal discussing how items that are due/scheduled for “tomorrow” will be due/taking place on whatever day we return to class. Hopefully, that will be very soon but for the meantime we also discussed taking advantage of this time to work on the reading and social studies projects. We continued work on geography projects in class today, and the kids got a lot of good research done. I also passed out planning sheets to help the kids work out ideas for their project choices. Everyone brought home these papers as well as their research and assignment packets today. These tools should help guide your 4th grader through their work. My hope is that we are not out long enough to warrant extending the due date, but we will certainly change plans as needed.

We also took time to finish all book report meetings that any students had signed up for. Again, I was so excited to hear about many ideas and plans that are underway. Hopefully our conversations left students in a great place to continue their work. A copy of the project assignment sheet can always be found by clicking the “Projects” link under the “Classroom Information” on the right side of this page.

Lastly, I will not have access to my email until we return to school. I hope to be back very soon!

October 16

Reminder: 4th Grade Parent Committee Meeting

There is a 4th Grade Parent Committee meeting this afternoon at 2:15 pm in Room 205. The meeting will largely focus on planning for the Halloween party on October 31 and the upcoming tie-dye project on October 25. Volunteer spots for both of these events will be open to all parents regardless of whether you attend the meeting today or not. If you’re not able to attend, but would like to be kept in the loop throughout any planning the committee continues with, please send me an email and I will make sure your email address gets added to any chain that gets started.

October 15


With just under a month before the first book reports are due (Tuesday, November 12), we began official “Book Report” meetings during class today. I got to meet with a handful of students and am so excited about the ideas, planning, and work that is already underway! I will continue to meet with students to answer questions, point them in the right direction, and offer guidance and support until the projects are due. As a reminder, book reports can be turned in any time before the due date.

The class was also assigned our first social studies project today in class. Your 4th grader is bringing home the assignment packet and is assigned to sit down with you tonight and go through the whole thing so that everybody knows what the project entails. As the packet describes, we will spend the rest of this week in class working on the project. The students will then a have the entirety of next week outside of school to finish work that remains to be completed before the due date on Monday, October 28. Please find a copy of the assignment linked below.

Geography Project

October 9

First Field Trip – Permission, Payment & Volunteers

A permission slip for our first field trip is coming home today and due by next Friday, October 18. Please return anytime before then with $15 payment as indicated.

I will be needing 6 level 1 certified volunteers to chaperone this trip. At this point, I have heard from 2 parents that they have begun the process to become level 1 certified. Please consider beginning this process if you have not yet, and let me know when you do. Details can be found in the previous post “Volunteer Opportunities”. Without enough chaperones, we will likely have to cancel our field trip. I know the process can be burdensome, it is new to manage our end as well. Your help is greatly appreciated!

October 4

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities coming up. Please review below, and keep in mind the requirements for volunteering on different levels. Attached below is an informative document detailing the CPS Volunteer Process. Get started ASAP as this can take over a month to complete!

Parent Committee: The 4th Grade Planning Committee will have its first meeting on Wed., Oct. 16 in room 205 at 2:15 pm. As opposed to having any one room parent for each room, the 4th grade rooms work together to plan special events and organize volunteers. This means you only have two commit as much time as you have, and only when you have it! We will discuss upcoming events including the Halloween Party.
Halloween Party: If you would like to help with the fourth grade Halloween Celebration, please join us at the 4th Grade Parent Committee meeting.  We will select four activities for students to rotate through and will create a list of needed supplies and volunteers. If you cannot make it to the meeting please let me know so I can add your email to any communications moving forward in planning.
*You must have level 2 volunteer clearance to volunteer at this event*
Tie Dye: The 4th graders will be tie-dying their Bell Walk shirts from this year to serve as their field trip shirts for the year. We will need volunteers on the morning of Friday, October 25 to help with the process. Further details will be discussed at the Parent Committee meeting, and a sign-up to volunteer will be sent out to everyone.
*You must have level 2 volunteer clearance to volunteer at this event*
Field Trip/ Chaperones Needed: Fourth graders will visit the Museum of Science and Industry on Tues., Nov. 26. Please note that this is the day before Thanksgiving break. We will need 6 parent chaperones who are Level 1 approved.  If you are interested in chaperoning, please email me and then immediately begin the approval process. If more than 6 parents are interested in chaperoning, I will randomly select names. 
Bell Walk: Bell Walk is Thursday, October 10. Pledge sheets went home this week. Please visit https://friendsofbell.z2systems.com/np/clients/friendsofbell/campaign.jsp?campaign=462& to learn more about this valuable fundraiser, to donate, or to sign up to volunteer at the event.
FOB Liaison: FOB is looking for a parent volunteer from each class to serve as a liaison between Friends of Bell and the parents in your homeroom. This can be done 100% from home and does not require CPS volunteer clearance. Please email me directly if you are interested in this role.
CPS Volunteer Process
October 1

Chapter 1 Math Test

We will be taking the Chapter 1 math test on Thursday of this week. Whenever we have a math test, we take at least two days in class to review. The review for Chapter 1 began today in class when students worked on finishing the practice test in their workbooks. Any questions that were not yet finished will be coming home for homework. Tomorrow in class, we will go over all the answers and discuss important questions. The test itself is very similar to the practice test. Students will be allowed to use their math journals and books on Thursdays assessment.