May 26

Spirit Week!

Next week is Spirit Week at Bell School. Your child is bringing home a green informational paper this evening, but I have also posted the themed days below. Of course, all dressing up is optional and is just a fun way to celebrate Bell together.

Monday – No School

Tuesday – “Twin” Day

Wednesday – Famous Person Day

Friday – Red Out & Crazy Hair Day

May 19

MAP Testing Monday

As a reminder, we will be taking the math portion of the NWEA MAP test on Monday at 12:15. Your 4th grader does not have homework over the weekend, however, they are bringing home 2 packets with geometry vocabulary and basic information. I asked all the kids to take some time to read and study these packets, if possible, over the weekend to help review/preview and prepare. Encourage your child to read and teach the information to a sibling, pet, stuffed animal or you!

Friday Folders are coming home today as well. 4th quarter progress reports are inside. Please let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy the weekend!

May 16

Book Fair

The Book Fair is going on this week. Most children will attend the book fair during their regularly scheduled library class. An exception to this is for any students in the purple PALM group. Since the book fair will be closed down before the purple group’s regular library class on Friday afternoon, these students will be invited to attend and make any purchases on Thursday morning. Please send your child with money to make purchases, if you wish, on their library day (or on Thursday for any purple PALM group students). 

May 12

MAP Testing & Important Information

The spring NWEA MAP is beginning next week at Bell. We will be taking our reading test on Monday at 12:15 pm. We will be taking the math portion one week later on Monday 5/22 at the same time.

Today, your child is bringing home a packet of important information for next school year. Please let me know if your child does not have one and I will make sure another copy comes home with them on Monday.

I apologize for not getting Friday Folders out to the kids today. Our Mother’s Day project ended up taking more time than anticipated. I will be sending some very full Friday Folders home next week. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Thank you and enjoy the beautiful weekend!

May 8

Homework this Week

Thank you for all your support during Steppin’! Our class finished in 2nd place and with 118% of our donations goal. Everybody should be very proud of all their hard work.

We have a bit more normalcy this week than last. The kids do have Wordly Wise, so expect typical vocabulary homework to be coming home. We are beginning a new chapter in math on graphing, data and patterns, as well as a new novel, The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963, in reading. Tuesday-Thursday you can expect a small math worksheet. Your child may also bring home reading homework depending on how much they complete during class time.

A more unusual assignment this week is the “Civil War Reflection”. Our study of the Civil War will be coming to a close this week with a couple final lessons, review and reflection. Your child is bringing home a 2-sided reflection paper tonight, that is due on Friday. There are a total of 8 questions for the students to answer. I have encouraged the class to complete a little at a time (2 questions each night), as opposed to cramming it all in on one evening. While they may be able to answer many questions without referring to their notes, we will be organizing all class notes and readings tomorrow so that your child can use them while working on the assignment at home. The reflection, notes and readings should also serve as study tool. We will be taking a Civil War assessment on Tuesday of next week.

May 3

Finishing up the week…

The past two days our class has been in 2nd place in the grade standings for money donated to Steppin’! Thank you for your support, and keep sharing with family and friends. The window to donate will close Friday night at 11:59 pm, I will also be sending another informational packet from the Steppin’ chairs home in backpack mail tomorrow. On Friday afternoon, the kids will be celebrating their successful fundraising efforts during the official Steppin’ dance. All students are invited to dress up as their favorite celebrities to add some excitement to the day.

Homework the rest of this week will be to review and prepare for upcoming tests. Tomorrow, we will be taking a GUM quiz on lessons 37-44. The students were to complete a study guide for homework last night, which we then went over in class today. We will be taking the chapter 7 math test on Friday. For homework tonight, your child is to solve at least 4 math problems from any lesson in the book. They should do so in pen, marker, colored pencil or any other writing tool that differentiates these problems from ones we previously worked on in class. We will be reviewing with the practice test tomorrow as a group. The class will also be completing an assessment on the book Clarice Bean Spells Trouble on Friday. Tonight, they should have brought home their reading notebook which we have been taking notes in over the past couple weeks. Today, after a class discussion, all the students wrote a question to contribute to the assessment. They’re excited to see what their friends came up with on Friday’s test.

April 27


Steppin’ has officially kicked off! You can visit the Bell School website to access all the videos and links for donating to our spring fundraiser. I have also included a direct link to our classroom page at the end of this post. Please check out our class’s dance video and consider donating. Have your child think of a few friends or family members you may be able to pass the link along to as well. Please enjoy and thank you for your support of Bell School!

Room 208 Steppin’ Video

April 24

Homework This Week

I hope everybody enjoyed their weekends. Let’s all hope this nice weather is here to stay! There’s a lot to accomplish back here at school, and especially with an uncertain ending date, time seems to be flying by quickly.

Nightly math homework is back this week. You will notice that the paper is cut short. In an effort to provide more opportunities for graded in-class assignments, I will be cutting a few problems from each lesson’s homework and having the students complete them in class the day following each lesson. For example, today in class we practiced lesson 7.2, your child is completing 7.2 enrichment homework, and tomorrow during class they will answer 2 questions selected (and removed) from the enrichment for 7.2. I spoke to the class about this and encouraged them the make sure they really understand the homework. I will take questions about the homework assignment before having the class complete the extra couple problems in class.

We started a new novel today, Clarice Bean Spells Trouble. This is a much lighter text both in content and complexity than our previous novel We will only be spending 2 weeks working with this story before we move on to our next novel. The format for the next couple weeks will be consistent, and will help your child practice self-directedness and responsibility. Each day, the class is assigned a new section (typically 3 chapters) to read. While they are reading, students are expected to take notes on characters, setting, plot and vocabulary in their pre-organized reading notebooks. After finishing the assigned reading, each student will pick one “job” from the 6 literature circle responses they have in a packet to complete. All work is due the following day. Today, the class began their work on section 1, which means before class tomorrow everyone should have read chapters 1-3, taken any important notes in their notebooks, and completed one job of their choice from their literature circle packets. Each day, reading will begin with brief small-group discussions, and continue with independently working on next section assignment. Expect tonight’s unfinished reading to be a little lengthier than what will come home over the next few days, as a lot of our in-class time was spent preparing materials, explaining assignments and a bit of extra Monday morning recess. 🙂

Due to the return of nightly math work, and the anticipation of more reading homework, I am not assigning an article summary for this week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

April 19

Thank You & Steppin’ Filming Tomorrow

It was a pleasure seeing you today! I thought the students all did a great job running their conference, and I hope you enjoyed the meeting as well.
Tomorrow, we are filming our classroom video for Steppin’. I am so sorry I didn’t think to mention it in our conversations today, but if possible please have your 4th grader wear their blue tie-dye shirt. The class had discussed it briefly on Tuesday and many of the kids thought it would be fun to be in their matching shirts for the Steppin’ video. Thank you for your help!