December 13

Winter Break & Holiday Celebration

The 4th grade will be having a Winter Break & Holiday Celebration next Friday afternoon, 12/20. The teachers have taken care of planning 4 activities for the classes to rotate through. We are looking for parent volunteers to come in from 12:45 – 2:30 to help set-up and run the activities as we bring our classes through. Please use the link below to sign up. Thank you!!

4th Grade Winter Break & Holiday Celebration Sign-Up


December 13

Mid-Quarter Happenings

We are halfway through quarter 2! Progress reports are coming home today in your 4th grader’s backpack. Apologies, as they were delivered to the classroom at the last moment before PALMS, they are folded and smashed in the top of your child’s backpack. You do not need to sign and return the bottom portion, but feel free to email if there are any questions.

Next Thursday 12/19, the 4th grade (and more!) will be celebrating with a mid-quarter literary enrichment day. We will be having an Under the Stars Camp-Out Read-A-Thon! Kids are invited to dress comfy, bring sleeping bags, lanterns or small camping accessories to cozy up with as we take over the second floor hallway and all enjoy a fun morning of reading. Make sure your 4th grader has a good book to enjoy as we celebrate a successful first half of quarter 2.

December 10

Holiday Market

Friday is the annual Holiday Market! Students will have a chance to shop for gifts to bring home for family members for the upcoming holidays. Please discuss with your 4th grader who they should be shopping for (mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparents, etc.) and send them with money to make their purchases on Friday. I highly recommend sending a reusable bag for them to use as well.

We will also be wrapping gifts in class that day. Please send wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue, tape, ribbons, to/from labels, or any other wrapping supplies you have to spare for the class to use. I will be collecting all supplies throughout the week. Thanks in advance for your help!

December 6

Friday Folders & Redos

Friday Folders (with lots of work!) are coming home tonight. One of the assignments in this week’s folder is Wordly Wise test 6. There was a large number of redo opportunities from this particular assessment. As a reminder, our class policy for redoing work is the following: tests, projects or assignments scoring below 70% are given the opportunity to make-up incorrect or missing components for half credit up to 70%. Work that qualifies will have a slip attached or “can redo” written directly on the assignment. Students only need to redo incorrect answers and return their work to me at any time before the end of the grading quarter.

In regards to this Wordly Wise test specifically, I have attached a copy of the test questions below. Please use this link to access the test if your 4th grader will be redoing the incorrect problems on their answer sheet.

Wordly Wise 6

November 25

Field Trip Tomorrow

We will be going on our field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry tomorrow. We will be gone from Bell 9:15 am – 2:00 pm.

Please make sure your 4th grader:

– wears their blue tie-dye t-shirt

– brings a light jacket or sweatshirt to wear (There is not somewhere to store jackets, and they will have to carry whatever they wear for the whole day.)

– packs a DISPOSABLE lunch and SEPARATE disposable snack. (Lunches will be collected when we arrive at the museum and we will not be eating until 1:00 pm. This is significantly later than the kids are used to, so we are strongly encouraging all students to bring a snack separate from their lunch that can easily be carried around and eaten before our assigned lunch time. No nuts.)

November 21

Tie Dye

Tie Dye shirts came home with your 4th grader this evening. Instructions for how to wash and finish the shirts are inside the bag with the t-shirt. I have attached the same instructions here for your use. We will wear our shirts next Tuesday for the field trip, so please make sure to have them ready then!


November 13

Report Card Pick Up

I’m looking forward to seeing you today for first quarter’s Report Card Pick-Up. The 10 minute meetings do go very quickly and I do my very best to stick to the schedule. I ask for your help in being courteous to other peoples’ appointments. If there is anything you would like to discuss beyond our time today, we can always set up a follow up meeting. Thank you for your help!