June 13

Last Days

As we approach the last days of the school year there will be a lot of things coming home. The last official day of the school year is Thursday, June 20. If your child is not going to be here for any of these final days, please let me know so I can make sure they have everything they need before beginning their summer break!

June 10

Civic Responsibility Projects

Civic Responsibility Projects are due tomorrow. The 4th graders will be presenting them in class over the next few days in preparation for the Options Showcase on Thursday.

I am so proud of the work the class has done over the past few weeks. With the exception of the few mini assignments along the way, this is an entirely student directed project that has resulted in some very neat accomplishments. Class time was used wisely and many groups finished their projects late last week and early this week. It was amazing to see these students not only focused on their own projects, but offering to help their classmates with any extra time they had. Everyone is very excited to share and learn about each others’ work!

June 5

Reminder: Field Trip Today!

We will be going on our field trip to the Art Institute today. We will be gone from Bell from 10:30 am until about 2:00 pm. Please make sure your 4th grader wears they blue tie dyed t-shirt and packs a disposable lunch to eat while we are there. Thank you for your help!

May 31

End of Year Activities

Expect to be hearing lots from me over these next few weeks, they will be full of information and fun activities! If you know your child will be absent before the last day of school (Thursday 6/20), please let me know so that I can plan accordingly.

On Tuesday, June 18 the 4th grade will be having a special celebration day from 9:00 am – 11:00 am. If you would like to volunteer to help out, please follow the link below to sign up!

4th Grade Celebration Sign Up

May 31

Next Week

The end of the school year must be approaching, because our schedule next week is absolutely crazy! It is Spirit Week, we have our Financial Literacy assembly, a field trip, and field day. Please see a breakdown of the week below to keep track of all that is going on!

Monday: Pajama Day (Spirit Week)

Tuesday: Twins/Multiples Day (Spirit Week)

We will be having a Financial Literacy rehearsal

Wednesday: Future Me Day (Spirit Week)

Field Trip to the Art Institute 10:30 am – 2:00 pm. *Please have your 4th grader bring a packed, disposable lunch and wear their blue tie-dye shirt* (If they dress in something different for Future Me day, please pack their tie-dye shirt so they can change before our trip)

Thursday: Character Day (Spirit Week)

Financial Literacy Assembly at 2:15 pm in the auditorium *All students must wear their purple Climb to Safety shirts* (If they are dressing up for Character Day, they must pack their Climb to Safety shirt to change into, please no face makeup or anything that won’t make an easy transition for the assembly)

Friday: Crazy Hair Day (Spirit Week)

Field Day *all 4th graders wear orange and be sure to wear athletic clothing for the fun!*

Next week will also be the last week to work on the Civic Responsibility Projects. Students should all be starting to work on their posters at this time, and they should be bringing their materials to school to get as much of the project done in class as possible.

May 28

MAP Testing This Week

Our class will be taking the spring NWEA MAP tests this week. We will be testing reading tomorrow, and the math portion on Friday. There is nothing to do to prepare for these testing sessions other than make sure your 4th grader gets a good night’s rest, a healthy breakfast and remind them to do their best!