February 26

Maternity Leave Update

With the impending due date and associated (literal) growing pains, my last day in the classroom will be a week from today, Wednesday, March 4. I have been working with Ms. Barr over these past couple weeks and have full confidence for the wonderful classroom she will run in my absence. I can’t thank you all enough for the kindness and support you have shown me in this exciting new journey. I will certainly be in touch with any other news or updates I have along the way.

February 25

Reviewing Math Chapter 6

We spent today and will spend tomorrow reviewing Chapter 6 in math for our upcoming test on Thursday. In order to assist in these efforts I am sending home graded mid-chapter checks this evening with your 4th grader. There were more “redo”s than typical, although this was largely due to direction following. Please encourage your child to review items they missed on the quiz so they can best prepare for the chapter test. Redo work does not need to be turned in by the test, but I wanted to make sure it was provided with time to review beforehand.

February 24

Math Projects

Last week, your 4th grader was assigned their 3rd Quarter Math Project. They were supposed to bring the packets home, discuss all options with an adult, and bring any questions they had back to class. Projects are due on Friday, March 13. If you have not already, please discuss the project with your child and help them to make their selection this week. I have attached a copy of the assignment with all 3 choices and associated rubrics. Please note, that while rubrics differ, all projects will be scaled to be worth the same amount of points total.

Q3 Math Projects

February 21

Friday Folders

Friday Folders are coming home this evening. They were full of lots of good stuff. Your 4th grader should have selected 3 artifacts to send back to school. Please make sure to review work and reports, sign, and return the folders to school on Monday. Have a great weekend!

February 10

Valentine’s Day

This Friday is Valentine’s Day. While we will not be having a large celebration like we did for Halloween and the winter Holidays, the kids will have an opportunity to pass out valentines to their classmates. This is not required, but many still like to participate. If your 4th grader does choose to bring in valentines, they must bring one for each child in the class. We have 28 students. Please let me know if you need a class list.

February 7

Classroom Updates, Friday Folders & Report Cards

I am sad to share that our classroom community has recently been feeling a negative impact. General misbehavior, rumors, teasing, and inappropriate and suggestive language has been contributing to adversity among the whole group. To help combat these situations, Ms. Miller came to our room this morning and held a restorative talking circle. This, in itself, was a nice experience during which many students shared their feelings, took responsibilities for actions, made apologies, and made pledges to improve their behavior and the overall well being of our community. This was just the beginning of our restorative work. I ask that you continue these conversations at home about the power of words, the ongoing impact of inappropriate and suggestive language, and what they can do to contribute in a positive way to help repair and rebuild our class community.

This was time very well spent and necessary. It did, however, take time from our normal Friday activities including organizing and preparing Friday Folders. I will send the actual folders home next week for your review, but there are very important items coming home in regular “Take Home” folders this evening. Second quarter report cards as well as a letter with updates regarding my maternity leave will be sent home with your 4th grader. Please make sure to check for these this evening.

Thank you all for your continued support. The success of your children is best supported by a team effort. Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to advocate for your child’s happiness and achievement.

January 24

End of Quarter Due Dates

The Quarter 2 Book Report is due on Monday. I was able to meet with every student at least once to discuss their projects and help answer any questions. I’m excited to see the work they come up with for their reports! Grades for these projects will be on the 3rd quarter report card.

Friday Folders are coming home today. Please make sure that your 4th grader has selected 1-2 pieces of work to return back with their folders to serve as portfolio artifacts. Folders should be signed and returned on Monday.

The end on the quarter is next Thursday, January 30. Redo work that comes home in this Friday Folder or any other previously must be turned in by Thursday. I will be finalizing all quarter 2 grades on Friday, January 31 and will not be able to alter my grade book after this time.